Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nice job on everything

Hey Steve, how are you?

Nice job on everything you've done with Apple!

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Good day ahead

Hello sir, good day ahead.

Amazing outcomes. . ., Francesco

Hi Steve, I wanted to congratulate you on the amazing outcomes you've had with Lion. Well done. Francesco.

Thanks a million. . ., Pranav

Hello Steve sir, I know you can't read this message, but if you read this message, please think that there is a very huge fan of yours. Sir, it's you and the Apple products that made me go in a direction where I'm interested. Thanks a million for your discovery. Regards, Pranav.

I'm a super duper fan. . .

I'm a super duper fan. You rock! Get well soon. We love you, Steve.

Steve Jobs is my god

I hope you get better. Steve Jobs is my god and who inspired me in the IT world.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It would be amazing. . .

Steve. I know you can't see this message, but I'm a huge fan. I did a biography on you, I got a C+ on it. But I know you more than anyone. Trust me. It would be amazing if I could just talk to you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

To the best man on Earth

To the best man on Earth: Thank you for all you do everyday, Mr. Jobs! It is ALMOST impossible to describe how amazing you are!

Pranav, India

Hi, Steve, sir. How are you? Hope you are doing good. Please give me the courage to get to my own interest(dream).....Pranav


Dear, Sir Steve Jobs. If you get this message, can you please write back? Please? You are brilliant. I wish you perfect health. I think I even put you as my screen saver on pretty much everything. Please. From your best supporter, Harry.

Pranav, India

Hello, Steve, sir. Please give me the inspiration to work with my dream company......Apple Inc. ..... Thank you ... Pranav.

I will learn from you.

I will learn from you.

Steve, you are so cool.

Steve, you are so cool.

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I love you and I am from China.

Love the iPod touch

Hey, Steve. I love the iPod touch.

Pranav, India

Hello, Steve, sir. How are you? I hope everything is fine. Sir, I'm a great fan of Apple. I would love to work with Apple. It's my dream. Pranav....

Apple inventions

Steve Jobs, a 12 year old kid like me, thinks your amazing with your Apple inventions. Sadly, all I know is the iPod nano, iPod touch 4g and the iPhone 4 which is my dream phone! Good luck with your next Apple invention!

Bruno, Paris

Hi Steve, I just began to read a book about you and your life. It changed my mind. Bruno from Paris.

New iPods or iPod touches in the future?

Will there be any other new iPods or iPod touchs in the future?


Applications are very helpful, every moment, I do something with them.

He is awesome.

He is awesome.


Slt Steve moi c Loulou je souhaite un bon retablisement pour ta santé le Dieu soie avec toi bon courage tien bon on aime tous en France!

Translation from Google Translate:
Hi Steve, I am Loulou. I wish a speedy recovery for your health. God still with you. Good luck, we all love you in France.

Please note that the translation was done by Google Translate and not by the creators of SSJ, some things may be wrong.

Tom, Netherlands

Hey Steve, I am from the Netherlands and I am 15 years old. YOU ARE MY HERO!! Tom

In this order

In this order: 1-God 2-Steve Jobs 3-Everything else.

Apple rocks

Apple rocks

Vanessa W.

Apple is great!!

You're the best man

You're the best man.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank god they chose Mac (awesome school!)

Mr. Jobs: Our school uses MacBooks and eMacs. Thank god they chose Mac over Microsoft.