Saturday, December 31, 2011


There are a million words to describe Sir Steve Jobs. In version 1.1 of the app, we added a new feature called "One Word" where we collect all the words you used to describe Sir Steve Jobs.

Please note, we will not create a new post of a word already submitted.

How to submit One Word?
Go to the "Send" tab and leave one word to describe Sir Steve Jobs with your name (and country).
Note: if you submit more than one word, it will count as a message, and will be posted in "Messages" instead of the "One Word" tab.

Example of One Word:
- Buzz Lightyear, Andy's Bedroom

Example of Message:
"Hi Steve, I think you're a genius. Get well soon."
- Woody, Andy's Bedroom

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Transition from iOS 4 to iOS 5 is not yet available on the AppStore due to Apple rejecting the latest version. We are doing whatever we can to resolve our issue with Apple and hope to release version 1.3 in the near future.

– Jachava

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Please note that as there is an overwhelming amount of messages being sent in, the messages you send will not appear in this tab immediately. They will have to be moderated first. We appreciate every message sent in.

Just to let you know, the app shows only the most recent messages. If you do not see your message posted, it could've been posted earlier.

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From the SSJ Team

MESSAGE FROM THE DEVS: iOS 4 to 5 transition

The transition from iOS 4 to iOS 5 isn't easy. The app might not work properly with iOS 5 yet.
We will come out with a new version of the app (version 1.3) once iOS 5 is released to the public.

Version 1.2 is coming soon to the AppStore. (It still doesn't support iOS 5 yet, though) This might take a day to a week for it to be live in the AppStore.

– SSJ Team

Monday, December 5, 2011

1955 - 2011

We are devastated to announce that Sir Steve Jobs, chairman of the board, and former CEO of Apple, has passed away on 5 October 2011.

Mr. Jobs had been battling pancreatic cancer for more than seven years, and he finally succumbed to it yesterday, peacefully, surrounded by his family.

He forever changed the way we use technology with the inventions of the iPod, MacBooks, iPhones and iPads, beautifully designed gadgets that are now part of our daily lives.

He was amongst the greatest innovators in history as well as a hero, mentor and genius, but most of all, he was an inspiration to us all. Everything he did he put his heart to, and really believed in it. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Steve's family and Apple.

Rest in peace, Sir Steve Jobs.

You will truly be missed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sei un grande persona e sei un grande genio...

Sei un grande persona e sei un grande genio e creatore ,non bastano pochi parole per discriverti. Meriti sempre un grande rispetto ,hai reso comoda la tecnologia a tutta l'umanità ,il tuo creo vive a rimane sempre nei nostri cuore e sentito tutti giorni perché ogni giorno Della nostra vita tocchiamo almeno una cosa che l'hai fatta te ,che dire ....sono tantissime le cose ma ti auguro che dio ti accolga per il bene che hai fatto nel suo paradiso ,a lui il giudizio .il creatore di tutto il mondo e tutto che ha vita ..... da un tuo fan,ciao steve ,condoglianze a la rispettiva moglie e tutta la famiglia

Federico, Italy

He was the Leonardo Da Vinci of our Era. It was an honour to be witness of his accomplishments. Thank you Mr. Steve Paul Jobs - Federico, Italy

José Manuel Antón Yébenes

One Upon a Man Allá dónde haya ido el espíritu, la esencia de Steve Jobs, se convertirá en un lugar más creativo, un lugar "diferente", un lugar mejor... Gracias por todo lo que nos has enseñado. Nunca te olvidaremos. José Manuel Antón Yébenes.


Rest in Peace Steve, and Thank You! He changed the world forever, revolutionised technology. And will be missed by millions, but also remembered for the amazing products he created and innovated such as the iPod, iMac, iPhone, iPad, Apple and Pixar. Thank you for everything Steve, Rest in Peace, Daniel.