Thursday, October 6, 2011

I want to stand next to him in heaven. . .

Steve jobs is everything we know today. He had the power of all technology in the palm of his hand. He innovated the cell phone, and later innovated his own Innovation. When I think of Steve jobs I think of myself. I feel as if we were connected in a way. One day I hope to become the CEO of apple. And help innovative the iPhone iPad iPod and other apple Devices. I feel so bad because he didn't get to see the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 get released. When I update my software to my iPhone 4 I will think 'Steve jobs is the man that helped the entire apple industry produce this phone and this iOS 5 operating system.' He basically started the computer industry. Coming out with the NeXT cube computer sparked the start to his job and life. Then joining again on apple to help produce the world wide iMac. Even though he was a Buddhist I know for a stone cold fact he is standing in heaven with god and Jesus. He will look down at the earth and see all the iOS 5 devices and apple products shipped around the world. The day I die I want to stand next to him in heaven and watch the world revolutionize into technology. This following article was an article I had written to show how i felt about the death of Steve Jobs. In a quick summary I feel as if he should have lived on. "There is never a reason not to follow your heart." -Steve Jobs

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