Thursday, October 6, 2011

Klaus Schneider & Family, Munich

Thank you Steve! We will always hear your heartbeat from every Apple product. RIP Four years ago I bought my first iPod, having owned six different MP3 players before. The effect of this iPod on my life was instant and amazing: Instead of struggling with the pros and cons of the device, what I did with my previous players, I was just enjoying my music and audio books. The iPod was the first digital gadget, which simply worked! That's it! From that time on I never cared about other MP3 players. During the following years I have bought five more iPods, two MacBooks, two Mac Minis and one iPhone for my family and me. And all of those devices have one thought in common, which I like very much: Keep it simple! They do a great job by just working as expected. This sounds simple, but is quite an challange in the digital age. So let me thank you Steve and give you a warm salute: I have admired your work since I had seen the Apple II in the late seventies. You have made the lives of countless people richer and happier with your ideas and inventions. Thank you very much and good bye! The world will miss you and so do I. With Love from Munich, Bavaria, Klaus Schneider & Family

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